Pineapple Jam Recipe With Jalapeño Peppers

Pineapple Jam Recipe With Jalapeño Peppers

2.5 pound peeled and cored pineapple, chopped
½ cups jalapeños, de-seeded and minced
1 cup granulated organic cane sugar
2 tsp. calcium water (see Pomona’s directions)
2 tsp. Pomona’s Pectin
And so on.

  • First. In a large saucepan, combine pineapple, jalapeños, and calcium water. Over medium heat, bring to simmer, stirring frequently. Cook until the pineapple softens and takes on some translucency, about 20-25 minutes.
  • Next step is, Meanwhile, mix the sugar and pectin together in a small bowl. When the pineapple mixture is adequately cooked, add the sugar/pectin mixture to simmering fruit and stir until completely dissolved, about two minutes.
  • Step three, Ladle into sterilized half-pint jars leaving at least ¼” headspace. Wipe rims clean, and place prepared lids and rings onto jars finger-tight. Process in a water bath canner at a full rolling boil for 15 minutes.
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