Filet Mignon With Garlic & Herb Butter Recipe

Filet Mignon With Garlic & Herb Butter Recipe

4 filet mignon steaks (tenderloin steaks should be 2-inch thick)
2 Tbsp good quality olive oil
2 Tbsp unsalted butter
Kosher salt (to taste)
Black pepper (coarsely ground, to taste)
And many more.

  • First step, Preheat oven to 410F.
  • After that, To make the compound butter, take the butter out of the fridge and let it sit at room temperature while preparing herbs and garlic. In the meantime, rinse rosemary, parsley and oregano, chop and set aside.
  • After that, Blanche garlic, if needed, by bringing 1 cup of water to a boil in a small saucepan, taking the water off the heat and letting the garlic blanch in hot water for 1 minute, then cooling in cold water. If the butter is too hard, microwave for 10 seconds or pound by a pasta roller.
  • Complete Ingredients and Instructions:

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