Turkey Meatballs With Gravy And Cauliflower Purée

Turkey Meatballs With Gravy And Cauliflower Purée

8 cups cauliflower, stem removed and broken into florets
2 tablespoons ghee (or butter)
20 ounces ground turkey
2 eggs
1/3-1/2 cup almond meal (start with 1/3 cup and if mixture is too wet add more)

  • Step number one. For Cauliflower
  • And now, Wash cauliflower, cut off stem and break into florets, steam until soft. When cauliflower is soft. Place half the cooked cauliflower into a food processor with 1 tablespoon ghee (or butter) and a couple pinches of sea salt and black pepper, blend until smooth (you can also use a potato masher and do it by hand) Repeat with second batch.
  • Step 3, While cauliflower is steaming, make meatballs
  • Complete Recipes: https://www.theorganickitchen.org/turkey-meatballs-with-gravy-and-cauliflower-puree-whole30-paleo-keto/

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